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Study abroad is unique and fulfilling opportunity for students to get academic credit abroad. It is more than just sightseeing. It’s taking chances, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, thinking in new ways, making new friends, tasting new flavors, learning new languages, singing new songs, overcoming challenges, raising cultural awareness, discovering yourself, and more! Every experience is different but most students who participate in a study abroad experience report it as being the highlight of their education. In fact, many of our students study abroad more than once!


Why Study Abroad?

In addition to what is listed above, there are both personal and professional benefits of studying abroad:

  • Regained purpose and clearer career direction

  • Making friendships, connections, and memories that will last a lifetime

  • Exposure to new perspectives, ways of thinking, living, and viewing the world

  • Learning and/or developing your fluency in a language

  • Increased self-confidence and intercultural competence

  • Higher academic achievements

  • Increased employability: 8 out of 10 human resource executives say that studying abroad is important and more desired by employers because students have intercultural knowledge, are more adaptable,  and have a global understanding.


Where can students study abroad?

Anywhere, as long as it is safe! We do not send students to countries with a U.S. Department of State level 3 or 4 travel risk advisory. You let us know where you want to go and we will help you find a program that best fits your goals and needs!


When can students study abroad?

Anytime during their college education. However, we suggest that students talk to their academic advisers to determine what fits best with their academic plan. Student athletes should talk to their coaches to figure out the best time to study abroad. Programs are offered in the fall, winter, spring, and summer. It is most common for students to go abroad during their sophomore and junior year; however, we do not discourage going abroad as a freshman or senior. Unless approved by the university and CGE, students need to be over the age of 18 at the time of travel to participate in a program.


What can students study abroad?

Our programs include course and study options for all disciplines. Students can knock out some general education requirements, take courses to count towards their majors/minors, or take electives. Picking the “right” program will be different for every student and CGE is here to help guide you through the application and enrollment process.

Program Types

Lynchburg Short-Term Faculty Led Programs: Program is administered by Lynchburg and courses are taught by a Lynchburg professors

Lynchburg- Affiliate Programs: Programs are administered by a third-party provider that offers study abroad support services. Affiliate programs are run by trusted agencies and have been reviewed by CGE.  

Lynchburg- Non Affiliate Programs: Programs are administered by a third-party provider. Students are still allowed to participate in these programs but they will need to submit a petition for review and approval by CGE before the student can apply. The student should email for more info on this petition.

Lynchburg Exchange Programs: University of Lynchburg has an exchange agreement with a number of foreign universities. Students pay tuition and fees at Lynchburg then pay room and board at the exchange institution. Students will experience total immersion by attending courses with local students at the host university. These programs can be done for a semester or Academic Year.

University of Lynchburg Center for Global Education